Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ho-Hum (& Gold Star)

I think that when you are so close to having a bunch of free time (spring break) you kind of shut down with every thing else.

*My house is a mess, but I don't want to clean.
*I haven't made dinner in about a week (nice!).
*Looking at my yard makes me want to throw up a little--the gross, wet brown grass covered in dog poop (we don't de-poop all winter so it is just gross right now, but I am waiting until it dries out a bit to get it done).
*I need to start getting out after school more--we used to go to a park or rails to trails or something. We haven't done that after school in quite some time. It bums me out and I need to start doing that again. Once a week will be my goal!
*I haven't posted on this blog for about a week and then it was kind of sporadic. I had been doing pretty good, now not so much--Sorry about that!!

I am just counting the minutes until spring break and we get out of the valley for a bit (we are going to Canby for a few days). It will be great to get a brain break!

Anyway, my gold star for last week goes to Norm. He is a substitute aide at the middle school and he hates to not be doing something so last week we had him start doing inventory and HE FINISHED IT!! Wow.

Who got your gold star?
How do you combat the Ho-Hums?


Lorri said...

I'm right there with you on everything ESPECIALLY THE POOP.

Gold star this week goes to Ethan for being such an encouraging, supportive friend. I love when we have a stretch where I can really see his heart - he's a gentleman and cares for others. I hope he keeps that.

Anonymous said...

Gold Star goes out to Drew who turned double digits on me yesterday. Where does the time go. Little guy couldn't think of a single thing he wanted as a present and opted against a party in favor of a sleepover with his good budyy. Could he really be maturing on me??!!!
Leaving the messy house behind and heading to Seattle/Lincoln City with the family. Safe travels to you as well!