Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gold Star

First of all, if any of you hope to get an organizer next year, you'd better start sharing your gold star stories!! I love to hear them...

This week I have three to give out--

one to MAX for being such a good, flexible kid. Sometimes he gets forgotten in the crush of things we do for Carter, but he is so amazing at handling it all very well. Love that kid!!

one to CARTER for working so hard to get a 4.0 this trimester and for almost succeeding! (darn sculpture class!)

one to SCOTT for working two days straight at the basketball tournament on the scoreboard. You totally deserve to go to Vegas this week and have a great time (oh, and learn a little bit about soccer too).

LOVE my family!!

Who did you give a gold star to?


Lorri said...

Ben Umbriaco gets the gold star this week for being an awesome chef. He made for us bacon-wrapped-cream-cheese stuffed jalapenos, pork roast, tri-color potatoes. AND. A flourless, ganache-topped chocolate cake. What a heavenly meal. What a guy. What a great family. :)

Renn said...

One gold star goes to Isabella for NOT getting sick and playing her butt off all weekend at the bball tourney! Another gold star goes to my awesome friend Jana Rae and her parents for finding time in the midst of their own chaos to come to one of our games. My last gold star goes to my parents for taking care of the rest of my sick kids so that JC and I could focus on our bball team. (that should make up for not having gold stars for a while :)!

Niki W said...

Gold star to our neighbor Joe T who is brave enough to coach 5-6 year old T-ball! WOW!