Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Prank

Here's what happened:

On Monday Carter came into the library with a bloody nose. He said, "Mr. Fox smacked me in the face." I was a tad skeptical because I know Mr. Fox, he is Carter's favorite teachers. So, I expressed my disbelief and then said, "He told you to tell me that didn't he." Carter, who can barely lie anyway, said, "Yeah." Knowing that Mr. Fox probably wanted a humorous reaction from me I didn't say anything, but my mind was already making plans.

I called Scott to see if there was someone on patrol that I knew pretty well (all these young guys--I don't know half of them!). There wasn't and he was out of town and Doug wasn't working, etc... So I decided to plan my revenge for the next day.

On Tuesday, I had Doug come up to the school. Now Doug used to be the school resource officer here so most everyone knows him...except the new teachers. Mr. Fox is a new teacher. I told Doug what happened and kind of what I wanted him to say to Mr. Fox.

He goes down to the classroom--although Doug is a detective he had a shirt on that had a embroidered badge and he had his belt with all his police goodies on it. He pulls Mr. Fox out of the classroom and tells him he is there investigating a claim that teachers are assaulting students. Mr. Fox, ever so helpful, says that if there is anything he can do to help the investigation to let him know. Then Doug brought it home and said, "Brian, the complaint was against you."

During this whole time I was hiding down the hall so I wasn't able to hear the conversation but I was able to see the body language. Doug was doing such an amazing job playing it straight and Brian was about peeing his pants.

Then Doug said something about a student with a bloody nose and how he told his parents that Mr. Fox had hit him in the face...then things started clicking for Brian so I finally showed my face and we all had a good laugh.

It was awesome, but I have to admit I am a little afraid of retribution! I think I am going to have to make him some cookies or something so he doesn't plan to get me back!

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