Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love The Internet!

My cell phone battery is dying. I have to pretty much keep it plugged in all the time, at work, at home and in the car. However, I didn't want to go out and spend the money for a new battery since I was getting a new phone anytime. (Alltel in our area was bought out by AT&T, so we all got new AT&T phones). Last week our new phones came, but I learned that we wouldn't get to use them until mid-APRIL!! Well, yesterday was the last straw! My phone was dying every hour. I almost took the battery out of Scott's phone (which is the same as my phone). THEN I remembered ebay!!

I found a new battery for my phone for $5! I don't even care if it is not brand new, if it just holds a charge for at least a day I will be happy!!

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