Monday, February 07, 2011


This past weekend Carter's traveling team was playing in Anaconda. Because there are not a lot of hotel options in Anaconda our team was staying at FairMont Hot Springs. Max and Carter were going down with Scott and if I was able to get a sub at the Summit I was going to go down too. I showed Max images of the hotel and the giant waterslide and he got super excited.

Then he got really sick on Thursday. It's rare for Max to even get sick (since he had his tonsils out before kindergarten) and he was throwing up, which is even more rare for Max. And he had a fever. And he still had a fever on Friday. I told him we'd be staying home, but for some reason in his brain he did not match up Fairmont with this weekend. So, when he discovered on Sunday that he missed out on going to the hot springs he was so upset.

He tried to be really brave and not cry too much when I was telling him that there was nothing I could do about it, but he went up to his room and sobbed. This is so me. I prefer to cry in the solitude of my room. His little heart was breaking!

We talked to him about maybe going sometime later and he did buck up good for the evening. It helped that he won quite a few times during our Super Bowl gambling. It made me so sad though. We should have just gone because he was totally fine on Saturday.

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Lorri said...

You are such a good mom.