Monday, February 28, 2011

Gold Star

This week my gold star has to go to Scott for getting me a box of mints. He is awesome.

Carter was sick this weekend. I kept him out of school today because I really want him to get over this sickness and a lot of his friends have had it linger and been out of school for a week or more. He has a basketball tournament this weekend and needs to be well for that! However, I was watching him walk around in his boxers and realized he is kind of lanky. We measured him and he has grown an inch since November. His legs are long!!

Also, even if I have to pin him down each day he is going to start spiking up his hair, not like totally spikes, just mush up the front a bit. It looks so much better that way than when his bangs are straight down on his forehead.

Who got your gold star this week?


Jo said...

Sounds like he likes the way his dad wore his hair until he shaved his head.

Renn said...

I LOVE Carter's hair when it gets all sweaty and sticks up on top--pin him down for sure and spike his hair!!! Ez is sick too, making him stay home cuz of the tournament this weekend--CAN"T miss it!!!! I know what you all are thinking but he's a straight A student and I don't want him to get sicker...