Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gold Star

This week I am giving out two Gold Stars:
one to Carter for stepping outside his comfort zone and for taking his "girlfriend" to yogurt after school on Friday. It was a big move for him, but he enjoyed himself a lot and was glad he did it. And he also has a 4.0 on his midterm.

one to my mom for watching Max when he was sick. I got home after lunch after he had already stopped throwing up so she got the brunt of the illness. I just got a no energy kid with a fever that I got to nap with!

Who got your gold star this week?

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Lorri said...

Gold Star goes to Stacy Snyder, a woman at our church who always goes above and beyond with a gracious heart and a sense of humor. We had a huge, labor-intensive wedding/reception at the church this weekend and her presence lightened my load, mentally and physically. :)