Friday, January 21, 2011

Yes, Melissa, I do watch Justified and I LOVE it!!

I am feeling so non-motivated...I think I need a few days with the sun peeking out. The cold starts to get to me.

Max slept two night in his own room this week. He used to sleep there when we first moved in and for about a year. Then somewhere along the way he decided he needed to sleep with Carter. It hasn't bothered me because sometimes I sneak up and listen to them chatting as they fall asleep and it totally warms my heart. However, after a deep cleaning of Max's room the other day he decided he would try his room. He made it through two nights. Oh well. I guess as long as it doesn't bother either of them, it doesn't bother me either!

Don't you think this recipe would be awesome with my Jam? I might have to make it sometime soon. By the way, my recipe binder is awesome. I have put all my recipes on Google Docs and then printed a copy for my binder. I have colorful index dividers and when it is all together it is just cool. It makes me smile (I will take a picture and post it for you). Anyway, this is Carter's second year in cooking and I have been getting all the recipes from his teachers, so I am going to make him one for his birthday! I think he will really like it.

Lastly, I love Sonny with a Chance and this is a very catchy song. It has been in my head for weeks! Enjoy!

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