Monday, January 03, 2011

Ugh, The Alarm Sucks

It was really nice for the past two weeks to have no obligations. We had a great break, with a visit from some relatives and going to movies and organizing...

On Friday I did a home improvement project--I made hook boards for our mud room. My mud room is the bane of my existence, but when I was at my friend Nicole's house and she was showing me hook that her husband put up it gave me an outstanding idea for my mud room. We had a hook here and a hook there, but they were not effective. So, I made some new hook boards and now I have dozens of places to hang baseball caps, coats and backpacks. I am not sure how long this new organization will last, but for now I am loving my mud room!

We went to our friend's, the Johnsons, for New Year's Eve and Max and Carter played Michael Jackson, the Experience, which is kind of like a Just Dance game. Max gathered up all his money and called in a few overdue bills and we went out and bought the game. They spent all afternoon playing then last night I played a few rounds. Hello aerobics! It was hard to do--I was sweating and breathing heavy, but I had a great time.

Hope your Christmas break was nice and relaxing and that you are feeling well organized for the New Year!!

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Lorri said...

post a picture of your mudroom! (and of you guys dancing.)