Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Tour of My Mudroom

This is the view into our mudroom from the kitchen. You walk into our mudroom from the garage and it is normally a huge mess. Everyone drops things there and they never put things away. Plus it doubles as our pantry and our laundry room. It is not big enough for all those jobs! To top it all off, this house was built with no coat closet! Who forgot the coat closet?! So, I decided to add some hooks.

Here is now where we are hanging our coats.

Inside our laundry closet I hung some more hooks for backpacks and bags.

Here is another view of the coats and hats hooks.
We already had this but it is called the HOODIE closet. All of the hoodies hang up here. To the left of that is another set of hooks for backpacks that are bring used daily.

Here is just another catch all area that was already there before the hooks. Those drawers hold all manner of stuff: hats, mittens, gloves, soccer stuff, etc...

Right now our mudroom looks nice and long do you think it will last?


Renn said...

Good job, Jana Rae! It looks AWESOME!!!

Niki W said...

I LOVE MY NEW PLANNER!!! Thanks for the e-pages. You will have to send me the ones for 2012 when we get closer. I have an idea to laminate my grocery shopping list and menu planning page and include it at the back of the planner so I can use a dry erase pen to do my planning and shopping each week instead of printing a new one all the time.

If I didn't tell you before, I had a great time just hanging with you while we were there. I feel like I understand you a little bit more, which is AWESOME! You're a pretty cool chick, SIL! Later!