Wednesday, January 12, 2011


*The biggest housekeeping hurdle I am having right now is LAUNDRY! I used to be really good about doing a load a day, but this school year I have not followed through on that at all. So, then I do a bunch on Saturday and Sunday and what I find happening is that the last load I put in the dryer seems to just sit there for a few days. The motivation to fold is low.

*Last night I had a meeting and then a volleyball game at the Summit. While I was at my meeting Carter decided to make a batch of No-Bake Chocolate Cookies all on his own. He did it and cleaned up himself! He is in cooking at school right now (this is his second time taking it) so he knows how to read a recipe. I was very impressed.

*It is amazing to me how quickly the body responds to getting back in shape. I am trying to do this 100 days challenge where you just move with purpose everyday for 100 days. I am on day 8 (I did have one missed day so mine will be 100 days, but just not in a row). At any rate, I started slow on the treadmill (15 minutes) and and am already at 25 minutes at a faster speed. I am responding well.

*It is way easier to read on a treadmill using a Nook rather than a regular book.

*However, I still get very sore the day after playing a volleyball game!!

*Also, I used to not hate winter. Right now, I am hating winter.

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