Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Project Queen

You know how successful you feel when you have a project planned...and then you actually do it?!
That's how I feel about finishing the hooks project (I will try to post a picture of it later this week, but there are no before pictures to show you). So, now I look at all projects and think, I Can Do That!

However, my sewing machine isn't working right. I wish it was because I really want to make some of these. You know how I love reuseable shopping bags!

Last night I tried a slow-cooker minestrone recipe. As I was dishing it up Carter said it look like pig intestines and Max said it looked like throw up. Now, I am not sure whether I was thinking that subconsciously or not, but it was not good. I hate it when I get all excited about a new recipe and then it is a failure. Bummer. I do have a minestrone recipe that I know is good, but I really want a crock pot one.

I actually have meals planned for every night this week, let's see how successful I am with finishing that!

How are you all liking your planners?


Engellant said...

Would you believe I'm afraid to write in it? Just keep returning to it to read the different quotes, even started to photocopy myself an extra so as not to destroy the original. Alright, I'm caving and I'm just gonna go for it. MANY MANY MANY THANKS AGAIN!!!

Jana said...

Write in it! I can always give you the links to clean pages!