Wednesday, January 05, 2011

PDFs Rock!

I spent the last part of 2010 typing all my recipes into word documents and then creating PDFs out of those. I uploaded them all to Google Docs, (you can print any of them off with this link). However, sometimes I would be in my car and I would need to know the ingredients for a certain recipe. So, I gave all my PDF recipes to my sister-in-law Niki and she used Adobe Professional to merge all the PDFs into one "MASTER" PDF which I called Jana's Recipes. The AWESOME thing about that is now I can put it on my Nook and I will always have a copy of my recipes with me!

I guess as I add new recipes I will have to keep track of them so I can have her make me a new cookbook at the end of this year.

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Niki W said...

Send me pages whenever you like. It really takes me about 15 seconds to combine them and send you a new file. Glad it is so helpful!! I am going to print out your recipes soon and see what I can add to my menu for 2011!