Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Body Does Respond the Way it Used To

...that's the problem.

When I play volleyball I play it like I was still 20 or 22, pre-kids and all that. And my body does respond. Granted I can't jump like I did, but it's a short net so that hasn't been a problem.

The big problem is the aftermath. When the adrenaline wears off and my muscles start screaming and I can't even get out of bed...ARGH!!

However, we won, and I must say, I played awesome. When I told Scott that he had to comment on how he wished he'd married a wife with a little self-confidence. I am thinking that as I get older, I have to grab onto whatever success I can. Plus, it was just him I was bragging to (and now you).


Engellant said...

Once a stud always a stud, right?!! Nice job!

Renn said...

I agree, once a stud, always a stud. Muscle memory...memory is fine, it's just that the muscle isn't what it used to be. I played volleyball on Tuesday, had several kills even some aces, it's just that now I can't move my neck...ugh! I feel your pain, Jana Rae!

Jana said...

I think that basketball right now would about kill me though. I am not in good shape and thinking about running up and down that court makes me want to throw up...and that's just thinking about it!