Friday, January 14, 2011

More Randomness

We got a Keurig for Christmas (actually I got it and opened it before Christmas). I love it and Scott loves it. I have decided that my favorite kind of coffee for it is the one called Donut Shop. I also like the Nantucket Blend and here are the reasons why: I love the cute donut on the top of the donut shop coffee and I have always liked Nantucket (not because I have ever been there--I think I just have fond memories from watching Wings for years) so I like the name of the Nantucket Blend.

This is how discerning I am about my coffee.

Actually the reason I bought the machine is because Costco had an amazing deal: a Keurig, 60 k-cups and a filter to use your own coffee with. I couldn't turn that down!!


Engellant said...

If you're posting at 4:50 AM you better be doing so with a Donut Shop Keurig Coffee by your side!! My favorite so far was a special Christmas edition (got it at Shopko) with Gingerbread and Holiday blend. I'll pick you up some if I see it again next year. Have you tried the iced teas yet? (You probably already know but BedBathBeyond honors their coupons after expiration dates so it's a great place to buy kcups at discounted prices) ENJOY your Friday!!

Corie said...

I got one for christmas too. My favorite is the Kona Blend. And my kids love the hot chocolate pods. So they can make a hot chocolate with the press of a button and no mess. I think I might order some of the Chai Tea ones next... I love it too.

Jana said...

I think the time is off Melissa because it had to be 5:50. I was not up that early!!