Thursday, January 13, 2011

Menu Planning

When I take the time to plan my meals I love it and am very good about following my plan. The problem is not taking the time and mostly when I don't take the time to plan meals it's because I am not feeling creative. I just can't find a recipe I like and when reading through family favorites I feel like I am always making those.

So, tell me some of your family favorite recipes.

Here is a cute meal planning idea also.

I hate finding new cute things like that, though because I have my planner done! I don't want to wish I had something like that in there!

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Niki W said...

I know. I am writing some things down that I want to add to mine for next year - like my shopping and menu planning sheets (laminated) and also a page or two of gift ideas so that I can write down things I see for possible gifts for people at Christmas and also to write down things that I want...

Maybe a birthday list, by month, also.....Oh and a page with a pocket to put things I need to carry along.....

It could get very very big!!!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing!