Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold Star

Okay, new deal:

I gave you all planner for the year, so you have to put in the comments each week who you gave a gold star to and why.

This week my gold star goes to Harriet, for arranging the Future Braves program at the high school and for always making sure the team's my sons play on are included. It's always a pretty special night for them!

Who got your gold star this week? (and you can give more than one each week).


Lorri said...

Last week, it went to Mary Umbriaco for recommending "Just Dance 2" for Wii. (We are loving it! Zach actually gets a sideache from the exercise he's getting!)

This week, Gold Star went to Zach for making up all his missing work from before Christmas and improving his attitude in group work and school in general. Huge improvements this week!

{I love my planne}r!

Jana said...

Perfect! Thanks for sharing Lorri!!

Engellant said...

Gold star goes to my babysitter Charlotte for not just keeping my kids safe but for going Above And Beyond and Cleaning my fridge last nite. The BEST!!

Jana said...

Wow, Melissa! She is a keeper for sure. I don't even clean my fridge out!

Niki W said...

Gold star to my husband for putting RainX on my car windows before the yucky hard rains came - and I didn't even have to ask him. Oh, and he cleaned the inside of the windows too!