Monday, January 31, 2011

Gold Star & Life Lessons

This week my gold star goes to all of my children's teachers. They are both having good years and really enjoying school. The credit goes to their teachers for taking the time to make sure that they understand the work. It makes less work for me!

I hope that Carter is learning some life lessons this year. He has had three sleepovers where he has had little to no sleep. He is completely useless the rest of the weekend. We had a lock-in at church on Friday night. I would say that everyone got about four to five hours of sleep. Carter was asleep by 8 pm both Saturday and Sunday night. I hope he learns that he needs his sleep!

Who got your gold star this week?


Anonymous said...

Gold Star goes to my Dad this week. Daren has been out of town for a week and go figure that's exactly when the toilet begins to malfunction and the furnace decides to go out. Don't know how I'd manage sometimes if I didn't have parents nearby to rely on for help. They are fantastic.

Jana said...

Wonderful! Isn't that nice to have him to rely on? My mom Scott & Max dinner on Friday night (Carter & I were at a lock-in) and then all of us dinner on Saturday night so she actually gets one of mine as well!

Lorri said...

So happy for your schoolyear! Yay!

Gosh, I had to dig deep this week. I'm a pretty grateful, positive person (I hope!) but to think of someone this one particular week was wierdly difficult for me.

So I settled on Tony Horton of P90X fame. He's been kicking my butt (again) for going on 4 weeks now. I adore his annoying, enthusiastic expertise. :) I'm getting stronger and in a better groove as a wife and mom - he's making me better mentally, not just physically. "Get your mind right" and "bring it" are my favorite quotes.

(Just set a goal to do 5 REAL pull ups by my 40th birthday this summer. Can I do it? I'm sure gonna try!)

Lorri said...

Dang it, I spelled "weirdly" wrong. That one and exercise - can't ever get them right! (exercise - had to spell it twice until I successfully was without the RED LINE under it!) :)

Jana said...

I also had a hard time this week! sometimes it's easy because something big really stands out. But sometimes when I really have to search I come up with someone or someones who I never would have thought of!