Thursday, December 09, 2010


Carter is having a really fun and successful seventh grade basketball team. He has a great coach who expects a lot out of his team and has put Carter in a position of big responsibility--and so far Carter has responded well. He has had good games and great games and a couple not as good. They went into the tournament ranked second and played their first game last night. They played a team that was really out to win with a kid who just could not miss. We could miss and did miss a lot, but overall played strong. Strong enough that we were up by 3 with about 30 second left in the game.

Their hot player came down and sank a three pointer while being pretty heavily guarded. Game was tied and our coach called a time out.

Our team came back out onto the court and ran a play. You could tell who we wanted to get the ball to but it wasn't happening. WE got it to our post, quite a bit outside the key...he turned and shot...the buzzer sounded as the ball was in the air...


We won by two.

Such a good game, such a fun ending. You couldn't have written it more dramatic.

Now we play in the championship game on Friday, it should be a great game, I am not even sure I can watch it.

Either way this has been a fantastic season for Carter!

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