Monday, December 13, 2010


That is the sound of time flying by...

On Friday, Carter had the day of his young life...

There was an awards assembly and he got honor roll, perfect attendance, and won a citizenship award for his team (all of the seventh graders are divided into three teams--about 150 kids per team)(four kids won these awards for each team--2 boys & 2 girls).

Then, his team WON the seventh grade basketball championship! It was a super exciting game, tense on both sides--great defense played by all.

With about four minutes left in the half we were up for 6. There was a scuffle for the ball and it was called a jump, to be our ball.

Carter made a break to get open, got the pass and made a beautiful lay-up...FOR THE OTHER TEAM!!


He gathered himself, brought the ball up the court and got fouled and sank his free throws, so he made up for it, but I was surprised he didn't start crying, I probably would have!

In the long run it didn't matter because his team won. So much fun! What a good memory for him.

Then I got my Christmas cards done--one thing to check off (and teacher gifts--good stuff!).

Almost all my shopping is done also so things seem to be in good shape for Christmas. Hope you have a good day everyone!

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