Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekend Round Up & Gold Star!!

We went to Missoula for a basketball tournament on Saturday. It was one day, nice and quick. Carter's team won one game and lost two. They played two great games and one bad. There was a point in the last game where a player on the other team got frustrated and gave Carter a good shove. I didn't even have to yell because our parents and the parents of another Kalispell team that were there watching yelled really loudly for me!

And, Max is almost done with the first Harry Potter book. It is wonderful! I am so pleased with his reading this year and he is just improving and improving. It took him about four chapters to really get into the book, but now he is loving it! He took it to Missoula and spent a lot of time int he car reading. LOVE it!!

I am giving my gold star this week to two men--Mr. Couser, Carter's basketball coach at the middle school. He sets high expectations for Carter and puts pressure on him, but also helps guide him to reach those expectations. I am loving this experience for Carter!

And, Mr. A--Max's principal. He made a point of telling me how Max has matured and really come into his own this year. He is doing a fantastic job as a fourth grader.

How was your weekend?

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Corie said...

Oh, Mr. A. Mollys dad. he's a great Guy.