Thursday, December 02, 2010


I need to move more--to feel more in-shape. So I joined this site. It is a great site and they have an easy to follow walk to run program (is running really big where you are? It seems to be here right now). Although I am not a fan of running, I always felt in good shape when I was running. And also I am listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows so it's good to have the excuse to listen more by exercising.

Anyway, I went to start tracking my "runs" and I realized that to effectively use that site you need to get Nike+ shoes and an ipod thing so that everything "syncs". Really? So, I don't think I will be using that plan anymore!! Maybe, maybe, if I find myself actually working to get in shape I would spend the money on new shoes (I need new ones if I am going to be running more anyway). We'll see. (However, I made a really cute "mini-me" on that site).

Also, I am not sure that I should start this in the winter, but that way I will use my Summit membership more, right?!

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