Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and Weekend Round Up

As you can see I kind of fizzled out on the Thankful list. However, I think I pretty much covered everything.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice--just enough food and really good food. All the standards. I bought our family Wii Party (one of Thanksgiving traditions is to receive a new game--one that the whole family can play). It is so much fun. If you have a Wii I highly recommend this game!

I got up Friday morning to go shopping. Put a good dent in my Christmas shopping list but and not done. I really enjoy going out and about on Black Friday. I am never in a huge hero so it's fun to see how busy everyone else is! I still need to find Max's big gift...

Scott & I went to dinner with Nicole & Micah on Friday evening. We were also set to go to the movie, but the men decided they'd rather stay and finish the Oregon game (it was a pretty tight game), so Nicole and I went to the movie. We saw Unstoppable. Good movie and Chris Pine (aka Captain Kirk) is adorable--Nicole finally got it as well.

I also went through all my Christmas decorations. Organized, purged and decorated. It was good to get that done.

Max and I are counting down the days until Tron: Legacy. It comes out the last day of school before Christmas break so we are for sure going after school on the 17th.

Thanksgiving done and now onto Christmas!

How are your holiday plans coming along?


Renn said...

So are you saying your Christmas vaca starts on the 17th??? Our last day is the 22nd!! I know we got a snow day and all, BUT COME ON!!!! The whole week of Christmas off would be awesome! Anyway, Tizzy and I went Black Friday shopping, it was her 1st time and she was blown away by all the crazy people up so early, so that was fun and worth it even though (thanks to Amazon) most of my Christmas shopping was already done! Will I get to see you this weekend????

Renn said...

Also, I'm glad you're back to your regular posting. I know the "November thankfulness" thing was sweet and mushy but made for boring jana blog reading...I'm just saying...I know you'd be honest with me....