Sunday, November 21, 2010


There is a movement to mention something you are thankful for everyday in November so I am going to do just that!

1. MY HUSBAND--he is wonderful. He puts so much of himself into whatever he does and he still has enough for us.
2. MY SONS-- wow, they are just becoming more and more cool the older they get!
3. STARBUCKS--need I say more?
4. POWER--the power went out at 4:30 am. Luckily it came on again at 6:30, just in time to get ready school--wooo!
5. NEW BOOKS! and even more than that, when I get a surprise book in the mail from a publisher. AWESOME!
6. I know this seems stupid, but TV. I love TV.
7. HUGGING MAX when he first wakes up in the morning. I can't believe how much I look forward to this--and know that I will miss it when he gets too old to hug me!
8. COMPUTERS--I love them!
9. SLEEP IN MY COZY BED. Nothing is better than climbing into my bed with fresh sheets on there. Ahhhh...
10. CHOCOLATE! I just love chocolate and this time of year when the mint M & M's come out is always a bonus!
11. COOKING. Although I don't find myself doing it as much as I'd like, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting down at a family table with a good meal.
12. GEESE. Last night we saw a whole flock flying overhead. I told Carter I have no idea what captivates me, but I LOVE seeing and hearing flocks of geese flying! Maybe because it signifys a change in weather (both in spring and fall).
13. I already covered sleep, but I am adding to that NAPS. Love them! Even if I just lay there and read for a bit, with no sleep, a quiet moment is always wonderful.
14. FAMILY TIME. Last night out of the blue we had an evening where we all were hanging out in the kitchen/living room area--no TV, just being a family. This actually happens a lot for us and it is normally spontaneous, but every time I realize how precious and valuable it is for us! It makes us closer.
15. BUBBLE BATHS. Sometimes, if I am into a really good book and I can't find a quite place, I go take a bath. Then I can read in quiet and get totally relaxed. LOVE it!!
16. FRIENDSHIPS! Old, new any kind. I am so blessed with the friends I have! And with discovering new ones all the time.
17. COZY. I am not sure this makes sense, but when it gets cold like this I love being at home where it is warm and doing cozy things, like bundling up on the couch and watching TV with the boys and drinking hot chocolate. Perfect!
18. JOBS! I am so grateful that right now Scott and I both have jobs we really like and that for now they are secure.
19. INTIMACY WITH SCOTT. What I mean by this is the little inside jokes we have and the ease with which we can sit and chat and catch up and the friendship we have with each other. There are some days that this is my favorite thing of all.
20. OUR HOUSE. When the weather outside is as bad as it is currently there is nothing more wonderful than coming home and staying home.
21. HOME. I love our house, but it is all that happens inside our house that makes it a home. Family, friends, food, love, small joys, everything is here. A house is a house, but our house is a HOME.
22. MOVIES! I love movies. Love, love, love them.
23. I am surprised I haven't done this one yet but, MY SIBLINGS! I am so grateful for both of them. I am really enjoying interactions with Eric on Facebook and I still talk to Robyn almost everyday. It's so nice to still be close with them as adults!


Lorri said...

Love it! I'm in a very grateful mode these days, too. So blessed! Funny how I can relate to many of the things on your list. Hugs from the youngest. TV!!!! :)

Deb said...

chills Jana... the joys of the thankfulness in your life... truly blessed