Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dinner Time with the Warnells

I think I have talked about my French Dip sandwiches before. Last night I was making them and was dismayed that the cut of meat I used shredded rather than cut in nice pieces. This seems to happen all the time when I make this recipe. I am sure it is because the recipe actually calls for a beef brisket and not a roast, but I always have roasts in the freezer. Anyway, I was whining away as I was buttering the rolls and putting the sandwich with the cheese in the oven to broil. I was whining about it as I poured the au jus into bowls. Then I took a bite and totally stopped whining. They are SO good!! It didn't matter than the meat was more shredded than sliced (when you have melted cheese on top of it it still kind of sticks it all together anyway).

We were standing around the island in the kitchen all scarfing down our food. No dinner table for us! But we didn't have the TV on and we were chatting so it counts as a nice family meal!

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