Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Roundup!

I can feel it, can't you?

Soccer is almost over!! It kind of works out perfect because the same week Scott gets done so do the boys. Wonderful!

Carter finds out tonight who his seventh grade basketball coach will be. It's kind of fun for him because in rotary he always had the same kids on his team and the same with his traveling team. So this year he will get to play with a lot of new kids--and with a new coach. He's pretty excited.

I saw three movies this weekend--it was awesome to catch up! And, I liked them all a lot. The Social Network was just a well done movie--really good. Then the boys and I went to Secretariat which was totally inspiring. Then all four of us went to Red which was so much fun--Bruce Willis has still got it!

Scott's girls team won their play off game and will be heading to state this weekend. I am so glad his team has performed so well this year. They are a talented bunch!

I think that if someone asked me to go down to four days a week of work I would say yes.

How was your weekend?

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