Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Round Up

We had our last football game (for Max) this weekend. Glad one thing is over. Carter finished his football season last week with a thrilling game that we ended up losing--but we made a really good run! We have two more weekends of soccer and I have four more practices that I have to help coach. Whew, the end is in sight!!

Jo & Jack were here this weekend. It was nice having them and I like that they take the time to come see their grandchildren play their sports.

State soccer is in two weekends. I really want to go, but I just looked at my schedule and was reminded that I am working Teen Night now. This doesn't mean I cannot go, it just means I might have to get a sub. But I really want to go...(insert whiny voice here)

On Thursday I have to drive to Helena to teach a quick class and then drive home. At least I get to stop at my favorite candy store in Helena to get some mints! Yum!

Four day weekend coming up. That is the best thing ever.

How was your weekend?

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