Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Round Up

We won our first soccer game! After all the turmoil of last week's game (and the dad yelling at me DURING the fourth quarter) it was pretty fun for our kids to win one, finally! Max's football team got killed and Carter's soccer team won.

Carter subbed on a team after his game and almost broke his hand, not even kidding. He was playing goalie and he deflected one shot, but didn't grab it. One of the players followed the ball in and kicked at the same time Carter put his hands out, so he basically kicked Carter's hand, jamming all the fingers back. His knuckles were so swollen! We got an x-ray, but nothing was broken and after two days of ice and ibuprofen the swelling was even down a lot. his hand looks pretty normal now. Man, it hurt him all day Saturday!

Scott's soccer team won and are currently second in the West. They should probably end up second, but we have two big games this week: Glacier on Thursday and Big Sky on Friday (Big Sky is third so this could be a really big game). He sat in front of the computer looking at this page for about 20 minutes last night trying to figure out all the scenarios of how they could end up.

It was a good weekend and we are heading into another busy week, however, both Carter and Max finish their football season this week and then we just have two weeks of soccer left!

November is going to be NO-vember for me...I am going to start saying NO to things so that I can have some days where I get to go home after school and stay there!!

Lynette Johnson and my mom get my gold stars this week. Mom made us dinner on Tuesday and Lynette made dinner for the youth groups at church. Good stuff!!

How was your weekend.


Anonymous said...

What kind of star do you get for leaving your prayer group (more important our starving children)without dessert on Saturday night. I am not sure any of them will speak to you again.....can you tell I am looking for some frosted maple cookies :)
Love you and missed you Court

Jana said...

Wow, harsh. I hadn't made any frosted maple cookies for that evening--was just planning on running by Perkins. It's nice to know I was only missed for my food rather than my sterling company!

Anonymous said...

What no frosted maple cookies? I think martha would be very dissappointed! Court