Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Round Up

So the weekend started on Friday evening when I had Scott's soccer team over for dinner. It went well and is always fun, but, of course, a lot of work. The problem being that I planned for 40 girls (JV & Varsity) and only Varsity came. Lots of left over Cavatini! I did freeze one and will have lunch all week so all is not lost.

Then I went to Hamilton with Carter & his friend Colton for soccer. Sitting in the car for three hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday offers a lot of reading time. I got three books finished!

The most fun part was spending Saturday night at Renn's house in Missoula. We all had so much fun and like always it was great just hanging out with Renn.

And I got a pedicure from Isabella. Not just my toenails painted but a foot soak and rubbed with lotion, then painted nails with a little flower on my big toe. It was heavenly!

I have three gold stars to give out: one to Renn for letting us stay at her house and being so awesome, one to Isabella for painting my toenails and one to Renee Russell, Carter's PE teacher, for gushing about him. Every parent likes hearing good things about their child.

What a fun weekend!!

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Renn said...

We had so much fun with you too! Joe even asked if you were going to spend this weekend with us as well! Tell Carter I'm working on November 13th.