Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tales From the Warnell Kitchen

Yesterday's post about lunches was actually going somewhere before I went off on a tangent, kind of like when I am talking. Anyway, mostly I wanted to know if any of you packed lunches and what kinds of wonderful things you put in there.

Okay, here's a bombshell: SCOTT IS DRINKING COFFEE!!

When we went to Spokane this weekend my aunt and uncle had Chocolate Chip Creme Brulee International Delights creamer. Mostly, I just like French Vanilla creamer. This summer I had Dulche Le Leche creamer and really liked that as well, but when I have tried Peppermint or Pumpkin Spice I have never really liked it. And I have tried several chocolatey ones and never liked those either. So, I was a bit skeptical about this new kind.

It was awesome. Really good. In fact, Scott even really liked it. So, I bought us a small bottle and yesterday Scott took a cup of coffee into work with him.

Sadly, this flavor of creamer is a limited edition. I went to every grocery store in town here and could not find any! Until I got to Albertson's. They had it in the big bottle size. So I bought three. Scott is taking the small one into work with him. I seriously never thought I would see the day when he started drinking coffee.

I guess everyone comes around to the party eventually!


Jo said...

Are you talking about our Scott????

Corie said...

Yum..this makes me want to go have a cup...

Coffee-Mate's Italian Sweet Cream


Parisian Almond Cream

are my absolute FAVORITES, and I always have like 4 spare bottles in my fridge incase they run out at the store... Which HAS happened actually... and that completely ruins my morning groove.

Glad Scott is finally getting with it! ;)