Monday, September 06, 2010


I am not the best sports parent, I will admit it. But, ultimately, I want all kids to have a fair shot at the sport they chose to play.

It is so interesting to me how many parents decide at an early age that their child should play a specific position, and only that position. Carter is on a state soccer team, and we recognize that he will not be playing center mid like Scott has him play. Carter is delighted about this turn of events because he doesn't love center mid. He got to play forward, which he loved, some mid, and some defense. I want him to become a better defender.

But, there are parents who are upset that their child is not playing their "normal" position. Don't you think that when they get to high school and are freshman their coach might play them somewhere new? Especially when they will have to compete against kids three years older for positions?

Won't learning and being willing to play new positions make them more valuable to the team and the coach? And, as 12 and 13 year olds, don't you think that they might still have some growing and adjusting to do? Come on people, have an open mind!!


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Niki W said...

I am in total agreement. Unfortunately, some parents see certain positions as more glamorous and important than others and think that their superstar should play that. The more versatile they are, the more opportunities they will have. It also gives them a much better understanding of the game and the roles that each position plays when they have done them all.

Good luck. We have a few years (hopefully) before that happens to us!