Thursday, September 09, 2010


Hanging out in the middle school has taught me one thing--Carter has not even touched puberty. Some of his friends have not either, but plenty have. It's so weird to me! I do think he is due for a growth spurt soon! There are a lot of tall kids around this middle school--7th & 8th graders. Once I read an interview with Ben Affleck and he said he started his sophomore year of high school at 5'1" and ended at 6'1". Can you imagine growing a foot in 10 months? Ouch.

But, I would rather have him grow at a nice rate for him, than be one of those kids who remembers being the tallest kid in 7th grade, and then never grew again.

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Corie said...

That was me in 5th grade. Tallest girl and only one with period and developed. Then stopped growing completely after that. Well except if you count life after kids. But then the only growing has been out. ;0)