Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday, Monday

*Carter started football games with his middle school team. He loves it. They got to get out of school all of 15 minutes early for a game in Whitefish and he was so excited. He also rode a bus to Ronan for a middle school football jamboree and he had a great time!

*Max had his first soccer game of the season (and loved it) and his first football game. He got flattened on the first play of the game but he got up smiling. He had a great time!

*My gold star of the week goes to the cable guy (I love him) and my friend Tami who brought me coffee at school on Tuesday out of the blue. So sweet!!

*I am loving my job.

*I finished my class! I doubt I will get higher than a C for a grade, but at least I will get a C!

*I have to fix dinner for Scott's soccer team on Friday, I enjoy doing this every year, but it is a bit of work to prepare!

*Scott's team won one game this weekend and tied the other. They are an awesome team this year!

How did your week go?

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