Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Magic Day

I am glad that the people who actually read this know me pretty well. That way when I talk about what I am going to talk about there might be some eye rolling, but it will be out of love.

Today is going to be one of my favorite days in September. Why, you ask?

Well, today I am going to rush home after school and wait patiently for the cable guy because he is going to take out two of our digital cable boxes, and add six more (two for each of three TVs--living room, bedroom, and basement). Six, you say? Yes, six, because they are installing a new, cheaper system that allows me to record something in one room and watch it another. OH BABY!!

This fall Scott can watch his football, and I can go into my bedroom and watch my shows and Carter & Max can watch what they want somewhere else. We never even have to talk or spend time together (I kid). It's going to be cool though!

AND, each on can record up two shows at a time, so I don't think that I will have to miss any of my shows nor the boys miss any of theirs! It's going to be fun.

And TV alert. The Vampire Diaries starts on Thursday this week and Sons of Anarchy, one of my favorite shows starts on Tuesday on FX. Good stuff!!

I haven't finished my viewing list for the fall, but reading this helped me narrow things down a bit. I also am looking forward to the Entertainment Weekly this week that will help me narrow it down a bit more!


Engellant said...

so funny - exactly why I LOVE you! Are you abandoning TIVO?? Is there something bigger, better, greater? Do tell.

Jana said...

Well, I abandoned Tivo a while ago because when I got the DVR going in the basement that's just where we ended up watching most everything. Now that the boys have discovered they have their "own" shows and since this is football season, if I want to get anything watched I need to have a DVR upstairs. When I called to get it set up they offered me this deal which is cheaper than having two separate DVRs. I still could do Tivo, but this way all mine are connected and they set it up for me!