Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everyday Miracle

I am not kidding, I totally saw a miracle! And it was so cool--you might say it was physics, but I know better.

Max and I were going to church. I was ready before him so I took some stuff out to the car, including two cups of coffee. One was in a regular coffee mug and one was in a metal travel mug with a lid for after church. I put them on top of the car.

I went inside and fed Charlie then Max and I went to the car. As I was driving away I heard a clunk but didn't realize until I was at the end of the road and was reaching for my coffee what had happened. I was so bummed!

So, I turned the car around to go clean up and maybe salvage some coffee from the travel cup. When I turned the car I saw the car's shadow on the ground and saw the shadow of a cup on top of the car. I figured the travel mug had stayed on the top since it has rubber on the bottom.

IT WASN'T. It was the regular coffee mug, unbroken and without a drop spilled.

So then I drove up the road to find my travel mug, which I did find, intact, with the lid still on, and NOT A DROP SPILLED!

It was a miracle I am telling you!

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Renn said...

Thanks for making me laugh today. Love those everyday miracles!