Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy First Day of School

I do not even think I will be able to get pictures of the boy on their first day...Our morning will be too crazy with me and Carter leaving at 7:15 because I have to be at school by 7:30. Max doesn't start until 8:30 so my mom is going to be driving him tomorrow. I get to pick him up though! We normally have a version of monkey bread for school the first day. Tomorrow morning we will be having: Goopy Bread. Carter and I made it tonight and it looks fantastic!

Max started tackle football. That coach is so dedicated! He is having his team practice THREE times a week for TWO hours a time. GAG. I am thinking when the guy realizes he has scheduled practice at the same time as Monday Night Football that will change a little bit.

Carter starts middle school football tomorrow and then we go to Spokane for his first soccer games with the state team he is on.

Oh, and I started an online class today.


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Jo said...

Can the recipes be printed without all the pictures