Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Meal!

Tonight I cooked and we actually sat around the table and ate dinner. I am trying to freezer cooking this week--cook something from the freezer and not shop a lot, so I bbqed steaks. I didn't do the best job on those, but I made these awesome potatoes (HUGE hit with Carter), had a great salad and some roasted garlic bread.

BUT, the best was this pie. I was introduced to this in Oregon when we were at the beach. Warning, it is highly addictive. Serve it when you have a bunch of people over so that you have no leftovers! It is best warmed up with vanilla bean ice cream.

Carter is going on his second babysitting job tomorrow! He is so precious.


Renn said...

Tell me about it!! I sometimes just have that pie with ice cream for dinner!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Martha....what are you doing buying a pie and feeding it to your family. I expect only home made items from you~! Court