Thursday, August 05, 2010


I cannot believe it's already August.

There is a lot I had planned to do that I didn't get done. I do still have a few days, but I hate how hot it is getting--makes it harder to get stuff done. Like, my fall TV viewing grid-I haven't even gotten it laid out yet!

I was looking for something on this blog that I needed and I found this awesome post from March 2009. that's why I like this blog, it's a pretty good record of the past few years--since 2006. So, debuting today, a new feature: Classics Posts By Me:

From the Mind of Max

Tonight we went to the Summit. I was cheering my volleyball team on in the championship game (we lost--my back was killing me so I couldn't play). The boys went swimming and after the game I went to watch them finish up. There was a lifeguarding class going on and they were practicing on a guy who had pretended to be drowning. Max swims over to get a better look and says, "Mom, that guy drowned. That's the second one tonight!"

Have a good one!

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