Friday, July 30, 2010

How I Feel About It

This is going to be a smidge deep. Like up to your chest deep. You'll still be able to touch bottom, because I am just not overly deep in general.

I love that my kids went (and are) to the elementary they went (and go) to. Here's are some reasons why:

*they don't know labels. They know some, but neither of them have ever once asked me to buy them a _____________ (fill in the blank) shirt or coat or pair of shoes.

*when I know several people whose children have had cell phones for several years, neither of mine do and neither of mine have asked for one. Carter has the use of a cell phone occasionally, but he cannot take it out of the house unless he asks and he doesn't even know the number to it. I am not saying cell phones for kids are bad, I am just saying that for my two kids, they are just not important.

*Carter did have an ipod at a young age, but he won it himself in a contest. It is still the one Max uses.

*they have seen all kinds of things their classmates have gone through. It has never been about who has what or who lives where, it just hasn't been.

*the teachers at the school don't bend down to the parents at the school. At least the ones I have seen.

I had a whole other rant on here but I felt I should remove it because I was judging someone pretty harshly. I still judge her harshly, mind you, but I shouldn't do it online, even though barely anyone reads this, word could get out. It is a small town and all that!


Engellant said...

Our kids will forever be exposed to experiences we cannot control. We can, however, provide them with teaching moments and tools to hopefully make good decisions and judgment calls. You have WONDERFUL kids and make me believe that solid parenting early on will make tougher choices later on less trying. Keep doing what you're doing.

Jana said...

Thank you sweetie! One of mine is definitely easier to steer than the other, though!

Lorri said...

if this was on facebook, I would have clicked "like" on this one.

(And your comment about deleting part of the vent...exactly why I stopped blogging. I was in pain and needed to vent for awhile, about different things. But I soon realized that's not what I want to put out there, not who I really want to be. I'm glad I know that about myself now. And now that I have a more positive mindset, alas my laziness prohibits me from maintaining a blog - you are a rockstar.)