Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You can tell my "less" interest in this blog by the fact that I have not done a new header for summer! And if I do one now I will just need to change for fall. So I am not going to do a new one yet!

This week I am trying to arrange a day that I can make jam. I am out, completely! It's not that the actual making of the jam takes that long, it's just all the prepping of the jars. I don't mind it all though, since I only do it once a year.

I also am meeting with a builder type guy who is going to look at our deck. I have been wanting to replace the wood for a few years now, and finally this summer I feel we are able to. Rather than wait for Scott to have some time, though, we are going to hire it out.

My book blog is really taking off, and I have been getting some fun opportunities. You should check it out sometime. Click here.

The other night I made Scott & I BLTs for dinner. Neither Max nor Carter liked them (Max didn't like the tomatoes, Carter didn't like the mayo or the tomatoes). How can a being not like BLTs. They were so good!

The other day when we went rafting Max jumped from under the bridge. Check out the pictures here. He was totally thrilled with himself!

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