Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Have We Been up To?

*Max's team lost out in the baseball tournament the day before the rain started, so that was good.
He had basketball camp all last week and really enjoyed himself. (Melissa--how come Drew wasn't there?)

*Carter loved Kid's Camp. He was gone three nights and four days for that one.

*Scott and I celebrated our 16th anniversary by going to a movie (The A-Team) and snacks and drinks with Nicole & Micah.

*We went on our first rafting trip of the season!!

*The boys and I went to Toy Story 3. I cried. It was great.

*We had a great dinner tonight for Father's Day, we barbecued, but started rigth after it started raining. Bad timing, but good food!

*I am looking forward to True Blood tonight. Love that show!

*I have also been reading a bunch. Back to my true hours--staying up really late and sleeping in a bit more.

*I love summer!!

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Engellant said...

Drew was at his Uncle Kevin's basketball camp in Dillon last week. Glad to hear Max enjoyed himself...and that you haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Drew's baseball team lost out early on too. Onward to Summer now if the weather will just cooperate! (btw, won't be at soccer camp either as VBS starts tomorrow morning for us) Take Care! PS - Will we all go to Twilight together??!