Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Round Up

*I love seeing the sunrise, but it shines in our windows in such a way that it illuminates every speck of dust covering every surface in my kitchen, living room and bathroom. And right now there is a lot of dust. Gross.

*Carter's team did a good job this weekend. We won two and lost two. We played hot the first game, great the first half of the second game and good the last game. The sad part is that if we'd played "our" game we could have actually won the two we lost. They were tough teams, but we have seen and beat teams just as tough. Oh well.

*I got to hang out with Renn more. I am so glad her kids are playing soccer and that we've been able to hook up at a few tournaments this year. It's been so much fun!!

*My sun rash is really bad. I am going to call the dermatologist today and try and get in. It's driving me nuts.

*We are still super tired and recovering from all that went on!!

*What is it with adults who come into my library, see that there is a class in here and that I am busy, and then still proceed tot alk to me in a loud voice. I realize I am not the quietest librarian, but come on, don't interrupt and if the kids are watching/listening to something--whisper!

*One more wake up!!

1 comment:

Lorri said...

It's not just you with the unforgiving sunrise! Trust me!

And I am probably guilty of marching in to chat, oblivious of you doing your JOB! But I know it wasn't me today! hee!