Monday, June 14, 2010

Somedays I am actually excited to get home and do some housework. After running around like a chicken with it's head for a few months I was really looking forward to getting some things done around the house--planting some summer flowers, dusting, cleaning the toilets, you know, the little things!

And I was sp excited when I got home and saw that Scott had cleaned the garage! Until we discovered the massive water leak in our storage room in the basement. It's fixed now, but what a mess!

I had a good time in Buckley for the past few days visiting Robyn.

Carter has Kid's Camp this week--we will pick him up on Friday evening. He is really excited about going. His soccer team played two hard games last weekend--they won one and lost the other. We have state in two weeks.

Max is doing basketball camp this week and finishing up his baseball season. But overall, now that the leak is fixed, I will be able to get some stuff done this week--and maybe take a few naps as well!

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