Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bright Side

Having muscle spasms in my back all weekend did suck. I was seriously in bed for two days straight. Any movment really hurt. BUT, when I was able to get to a comfortable position, I actually got a lot done. I finished three books and watched a bunch of TV. It was kind of relaxing and I already miss it. Especially when I got up and realized that my house didn't magically clean itself while I was laying in bed.

Soccer tournament this weekend for Carter. It will be fun, but it is also graduation weekend. So here's Scott's schedule:
games on Saturday @ 9 am and 6 pm. Reffing four games as well that day. working the senior party until 5 am the next day. Getting up for Sunday's game at 8 am & 5 pm--and reffing four more games that day. He is going to be really tired by Sunday evening.

It's not much better for me since I am going to be volunteer extraordanire that day--but I will at least get a decent night sleep.

Three more wakeups until school is out.

Here is what Carter & Max and I are looking forward to on Tuesday:

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