Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All About Max

The other day (sometime last week) I was in the kitchen and I noticed a young girl at our sliding glass door. At first I thought, great, what's she selling? Then I recognized her as the little girl Max has a crush on. So, I let her in and called Max upstairs and she gave him an invite to her birthday party which was tonight.

We bought her my go-to gift for little girls (a pink water bottle filled with candy and lip smackers) and I drove him to Pizza Hut. As we were walking in I noticed the birthday girl and her friend walking in on the other side. They saw Max and both started giggling. She totally likes him--I could tell. Oh, and he was the only boy at the party.

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Lorri said...

oh for sweet! (And thanks for the girls' gift idea!) :)