Monday, May 17, 2010


I just saw that my last post was post #1000.


I interviewed for the middle school job this morning. Leaving there I thoguht I did pretty good. Now looking back I am not so sure. I will find out sometime today.

Carter's soccer team played two great games this weekend, and one sucky game that knocked us out of the championship game. It was very good fro our boys to have that loss because they know now they are not bulletproof and they have to keep playing really hard to win. We only have one sub so Carter plays a lot and we don't seem to be having the breathing issue he had over the last two years! He played very well, except the last game.

Max's party was fun, and loud. I will post pictures of that later. He has baseball tonight (his actual birthday) so I will take treats for them for after the game. Then he will get to open presents (which I haven't even wrapped yet). Tomorrow we are going to HuHot for his birthday dinner (plus kids 10 and under still eat free on Tuesday nights--BONUS!).

I will keep you posted on the job interview...

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Engellant said...

Sending out GOOD LUCK VIBES - the Middle School would be lucky to get you.