Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend Roundup

*Max played in his first baseball game of the season--he got a hit and batted a runner in! At that point it was the only run for either team. We left early because he had been sick and I wasn't even going to let him go to the game, but we made it through half of it. His next game is on Tuesday. I am hoping our weather warms up, because he has two games this week.

*Carter's soccer team went to Helena again and they killed the two teams they played. Our record is 5-0-1. We have one tie, that should have been a win and if we play that Billings team again I think we will win. We are a bit surprised that the Helena teams are not more competitive, but we have killed them--12-2 and 11-1. This past weekend the coach's even took two of our played off the field and played 6 v 8 because we were killing them so bad. This weekend we play here, but it is against two teams we've already beat. Then we go to the Hot Shots tournament and we play an Idaho team and Bozeman. Both of those should be good competition for us, hopefully we can respond. It's hard to win by so much and they turn around and play hard team.

*My birthday week! We are going to Ironman 2 on Sunday. I decided that I would rather do it Sunday than try and shove it in on Friday evening.

*Also, I am going to apply to be a middle school librarian.

*This is the BEST book trailer I have ever seen:

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Oh no, I was so excited because I thought it was a movie...