Monday, May 31, 2010

My Weekend

On Saturday my cousin Brittany and I went to Letters to Juliet. Very cute movie. My back was hurting, probably due to the fact that I have been bent over a lot doing inventory at school. By the end of the movie I could barely move I was having such bad muscle spasms in my back. So, I have spent two and a half days in my bed.

I re-watched the entire first seson of The Vampire Diaries and am noton Zombieland. It is bloody and gross and there is a lot of swearing, but it is also very funny, in a competely twisted way.

Also, don't take a loritab on an empty stomach.

Scott & Carter went rafting today. It's a cold 58 degrees. They are crazy.


Lorri said...

I'm ba-aack. :)

Jana said...

Oh yay! I missed you!!