Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Day

What a great birthday weekend!

We watched two soccer games of Carter's on Saturday (yes, in the cold, but oh well). He played great. We played two pretty tough teams. The last few years he's had a breathing type of issue where he basically hyperventilates. Or where he hit a wall and just cannot get any engery back. We even had him tested for asthma (negative). This season so far he hasn't seemed to be having these issues, but his second game is normally not as strong as his first. Well, this weekend there was none of that! He did have lower energy moments, but he would bounce back and pep up. He is becoming a strong leader on the field and I am having a great time watching him paly! AND his team is in first for his age group in the state!!

For my birthday I CLEANED up!! I got three gift cards from my in-laws (borders, itunes & starbucks--three of my favorite places) and then another starbucks from my mom. I also got my OWN cool life jacket for rafting. I really wanted a nice one so I was thrilled Scott remembered. We went to Ironman 2 on Sunday afternoon (awesome--good sequel--did not disappoint) then had flank steak, corn on the cob and salad for dinner. Just a great, great day!

Then this week there is a lot of finales on TV and Max's birthday party is Thursday! Whew!

Keep Renn's husband JC in your prayers--he has surgery for kidney stones on Thursday.

Have a good Monday--enjoy the sun!

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