Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wow, I didn't realize I was so boring. I ran into someone who asked me what's been up, and for me, not much. The same stuff is happening over and over. Work, reading, TV, watching my kid's play sports, not cleaning house. I guess the knee surgery is "new with me," but like I really want to talk about that over and over. Right now my toes on that leg are hurting, not sure why.

Someone asked me if I was looking forward to the week off, and I guess my answer is yes. BUT, not if I feel crappy. When I had my ACL repaired (on the same knee) I recovered very quickly. I had some pain for awhile, but basically it was very smooth. I asked my doctor if I needed to take the whole week off of school and he said I did. So, if all goes well, I will be relaxing next week, feeling some pain, but taking it easy.

Anyway, basketball is over, on TV and in our lives. Soccer is coming up. Scott still has shingles and I am still watching TV and reading a bunch.

Hope you all have much more exciting lives than mine--or not. Sometimes, calmness is good!!

Oh, and the week that I have my birthday (which is the same day as mother's day) is also the week that Rick Riordan's new book comes out (May 4) (he's the author of the Percy Jackson series) and the week that Ironman 2 opens (May 7). I think I will have to celebrate all week long!!

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